Nowadays memes are trending a lot and the latest among them is” how the bikers eat their sketty?”Sketty here stands for spaghetti. As the image shows a very funny picture of a biker with both hands having the forks full of spaghetti. This is a funny, comic mean and it is a hilarious proverb which is the latest trending topic on all social media sites. Be it Facebook, Reddit, humor outcast, know your meme, it is a popular funny meme, but on a serious note basically, the questions that keep creeping in our minds are – How much do the riders need to consume? What and how are they fed? What tips we can take for our own weekend bike rides?

Tips For Cyclists To Stay Fuelled

Even with a daily ride on your commuter bikes, we should think about our food strategy. There are some tips for the cyclist

The Night Before-

● Avoid White pasta and go for slow-release carbs like brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.
● Avoid red meat as it is hard to digest and go for light proteins such as fish or chicken.
● Do not eat too late as this impacts the quality of your sleep.
● You should be fully hydrated the day before so you are not playing catch up when you are out on your bike.

On The Ride-

● You will not have your own Chef to hand you a specially prepared snake so aim to pack light, calorie rich food that will not weigh you down. Energy bars are good but can be expensive so you can pack jam sandwiches, nuts, mix fruit for a cheaper alternative, Peanut butter and handful of fig rolls , Bananas.
● Intake of fluids should be little and often.
● Glucose drinks are rich in carbohydrates as well as crucial liquids.

Riders used as much as 8000 Calories and they digested from 280 to 300 calories per hour. If you burn 8000 calories in a day it is impossible to replenish them fast enough so they are always in deficit, they always need to be eating and they always need to be recuperating. The key for them is-“Eat as fast as you can, as much as you can, all the time”

If you delay eating and don’t get food in fast enough, your body stresses. As soon as your body starts stressing, it starts to inflame, your blood flow is less and you are not as strong..

The doctors and nutritionist advice the riders to eat gluten free bread and pasta everyday so that they don’t bloat. They don’t give too much red meat to the riders because the body takes too long to break it down.

Food For Mood- food is more than just fuel for these Riders. The meal becomes the thing they look forward to, it is a vessel for comfort and nutrition. The riders eat as much food as it could easily start to feel like a chore. The riders are different, emotional and all need a little bit of food for the soul.

How Do Riders Refuel While Racing?

When Riders burn through calories faster than they can replace them, replenishing during a race is crucial. Feed zone is a place where the riders grab their food bag prepared earlier by the team Chef. This is a little bit like a joint of fast food decided that they will sell everything at 1p., and the cyclists have to run in and grab as much as they could within a predetermined 100m. Cyclists are expected to grab their bag amongst hundreds of other Riders, within a very short stretch of road.

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