Getting all the information while you ride that covers a wide range is undoubtedly a bliss. From basic speed to distance covered, destination, elapsed time, pace arrow, clock, and, much more is monitored and informed to you.

Being a bike enthusiast will make you have more fun, as this device will add an extra dimension to your riding. You get regular updates and remain well-informed about whatever you want to know about your favorite stats.

This has incredible features like the auto on-off, pause, along with various types of timing and average speed. You can connect them with your iPhone or android to reach and share the information you like with your friends and loved ones.

You get suggestions, warnings (about speed if below your target), and how long it takes to reach your destination is monitored. The best wireless bike computers, along with their mind-blowing benefits, are right here. We have also mentioned which model suits and who should buy it? Why should you buy it?

Go Through Some Of The Top-Notch Brands Of 2020 With Their Credentials In Detail Below:

  1. Sigma Pure 1 ATS – Wireless Bike Computer
  2. Magellan 505 GPS – Cyclo Computer
  3. Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS, Computer
  4. CAT EYE – Padrone Wireless Bike Computer
  5. Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Best Wireless Bike Computer | Our Top Picks

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Sigma Pure 1 ATS

best cycling computers

  • Durable

  • Easy To Read

  • Extra Large

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

Garmin Edge 25

bike computer reviews

  • Most Compact

  • Best Brand

  • LightWeight

     ★ Best Value ★       

CAT EYE Padrone

best bike computers

  • Long Life

  • Easy To Install

  • Out Front Mount

Best Wireless Bike Computer Reviews

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best cycling computers

1. Sigma Pure 1 ATS - Wireless Bike Computer

Why should you buy this?

This wireless bike computer is available in an attractive and compact design. Easy operation with just one button, durable, easy mounting and maintenance. You can easily get the answers for how far, long, and fast you have been?

Who should buy it?

Anyone who is a cycling enthusiast and want to be a part of the sport even in the bad weather conditions, then this is certainly a good one to purchase.

Price: New (3) from $34.87

Product Review:

This is the best series and purist among bicycle computers. This a product with high ratings and gives sufficient energy to move and keep going. This is large in size, rather extra large and extremely easy to read and operate and doesn’t require any specific manuals. With just one operational button, you can use this comfortably. The construction is durable and boasts of longevity. The weatherproof feature brings safety if you are facing adversities also. No special tools or specialists are required to mount this computer.



  • Durable construction

  • It is weatherproof

  • Features extra-large screen.

  • Clear and easy to read display

  • Operated by a single button

  • Easy to mount with user changeable battery


  • The start and stop automatic are only for 2 hours.

  • Some of the users found it impractical.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best cycling computer

2. Magellan 505 GPS - Cyclo Computer

Why should you buy this?

There are various reasons to buy this bike computer, as this suggest different routes (3), and comes with a shake and share feature that enables route sharing.

Who should buy?

Designed for serious cyclists and possesses a myriad of features.

Price: Check Amazon

Product Review:

This device displays the complete road network of USA and OSM crowd source with trail data showing cycling POI’s like bicycle shops. Surprisingly this one suggests three different routes after entering the time and distance criteria.

This has Bluetooth smart connectivity, for smartphones and sensors that include over 130 ANT+ speed, cadence, power accessories, and heart rate. The 505 is compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic road bicycle shifting systems with Di2 wireless unit featuring D-Fly.

The shake and share feature help to keep everyone together by route sharing (with Cyclo 315 or 505 series owners). This is user-friendly with no heavy layers, intuitive user interface, largest touch screen in cycling computer category with 3″.

The device is preloaded with Tele Atlas road network and Open Street Map bike network and connects your android or iPhone with the device and you can view who is calling.



  • This is a user-friendly device that suggests 3 different routes

  • Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and sensors

  • Features a touch screen of 3 inches

  • Easy to install and use

  • Compatible with iPhone and android

  • Route sharing with shake-N-share feature

  • Preloaded with Tele Atlas road and Openstreetmap


  • Some feel that this is more of a GPS navigator than a bike computer.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

bike computer reviews

3. Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS, Computer

Why should you buy this?

This is the smallest and a perfect one while you travel. All your activities can be shared instantly with your family and friends via social media.

Who should buy this?

The cyclists who love to travel long distances and are looking for a small and compact cycling computer. A brilliant one for trainers.

Price: Check Amazon

Product review:

The Garmin Edge – 25 is one of the smallest cycling GPS computers in the world and a prefect one to travel with. This weighs 25 g (0.9 oz.) and very light to carry. This has the capability to acquire satellites quickly to track how fast you have covered the distance even while you ride under the tree cover.

This is the first in its size and price range to add GLONASS. This also comes with connected features that allow you to instantly share details of your ride with your friends, family and loved ones via social media. This can be done by pairing a compatible device with the Garmin Connect mobile.

You can share all your training activities and rides in real time and with live tracking. This is ANT + compatible with a heart rate monitor, speed sensor, and cadence sensor for getting most out of your rides. You can download courses, view personal records and analyze post-ride stats with this to get the most out of your training.



  • This is a compact and light weight device

  • A perfect one to carry while travelling long distances

  • Ability to acquire satellites quickly to track the distance covered

  • Compatible with Garmin connect mobile devices

  • You can download and analyze post-ride stats

  • Shows compatibility with bluetooth


     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best bike computers

4. CAT EYE - Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

Why should you buy this?

A high-rated product with exemplary performance that provides you with your favorite stats and displays a lot of things while you are enjoying your ride.

Who should buy this?

This is perfect for beginner cyclists those who take their riding to the next level.

Product Review:

A high-rated product with positive reviews provides you with your favorite stats and displays current, max, and average speed, total distance, trip distance, elapsed time, pace arrow, and clock. In case you take a halt then this CatEye knows when to stop counting time and averaging speed when you have stopped. This comes with a speed sensor and features a battery that lasts up to three years.

With the Flex Tight Bracket, you can mount and adjust it with ease and comfort. By setting the odometer manually, you don’t have to start every time while you change the battery. You need not let the navigating menus to interfere while you are enjoying your ride, and just monitor with the base of the unit to toggle through functions.



  • Displays all your favorite stats

  • You can focus on your ride comfortably without worrying about the screen

  • This is easy to adjust and mount

  • The CatEye computer stops counting time and averaging speed when you stop

  • You can save your miles by manually setting the odometer


  • Doesn’t have a second trip meter

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

cycle computers review

5. Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Why should you buy this?

This bike computer has the largest-in-class display, companion set-up, turn-by-turn navigation, and call, text, e-mail alerts. This is 100% wireless with quick LED indicators and can be carried anywhere.

Who should buy?

If you are an ultra-cycler and are keen to have many features then buy this.

Price: Check Amazon

Product Review:

You can download, configure, pair and ride with fun while using this amazing wireless bike computer. The Wahoo’s free companion app automates pairing and manages the process of configuration quick and frustration free.

The automatic route downloads and uploads when the sync is compatible with the third-party apps such as Strava, Ride with GPS, Best Bike Split and more. You can build a route and get pop-up and LED notifications on screen and this will help you not to miss your turn.

You can use the ELEMNT to control non-Wahoo smart trainers that are equipped with ANT + FE-C. This fully integrates with Strava Live Segments to provide you with accurate progress status and the Final Push to beat your goals. This is 100% wireless and just plug-in to charge it. You can sync, acquire and push data via ANT +, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.



  • This features the largest in-class display

  • LED notifications for built routes.

  • 100% wireless with tactile smart buttons.

  • Features perfect view zoom with companion app set-up

  • Turn-by-turn navigation with call, texts and E-mail alerts


  • Some of the customers are dissatisfied with the customer service

  • Overall a brilliant product

What All To Look For Before Investing In The Best Wireless Bike Computer?

The rule of thumb is that the quality should never be compromised before you invest in a product that you are going to use on a regular basis. Some of the crucial factors that are required to be taken into account are here:

The product cost

There is a huge range of products available in the market with varied price tags. You should never confuse with one thing, that a higher priced product is of good quality always. Go for the one that provides you with the best features you are looking for and then decide your purchase. These devices should be checked thoroughly with the reviews for knowing their quality and performance prior to your purchase.

bluetooth bike computers

The Screen Display

When you are on your bike, it is important that the device that you buy is clear to read and this is taken care by the screen display.

If any bike computer does not offer a good and clear screen, then it is a hopeless thing. Any bike computer that may cause distractions of any sort should be avoided, as this will half the fun while you ride.

Data Transfer

There are moments when you are curious and eager to share it with your friends and family. Buy a product that is compatible with other devices and makes it possible to share and connect data. This gives you enough flexibility to share whatever and whenever you want through social media.

best wireless bike computer

Multi-purpose product

This feature really adds on to the charm of a wireless bike computer. The versatility makes it more worthy and useful. Selecting such a device will help in doing whatever you wish for.

The Wrap Up

The setting of goals is important otherwise the cycling tasks gets a bit boring. The entire exercise venture becomes thrilling when you have odometer, speedometer, computer that will help you track and know everything while you ride you favorite bike. Be it a long ride, or a ride to the nearby market, this device is of greatest benefit in every way.

You can select one of the perfect design that will cater to your style and requirements.

You will feel more comfortable, happy, and rejuvenated while you these high-tech wireless bike computers. Happy biking!!