Looking for the best single speed bike? Put in plain and simple words, single speed bikes are bicycles which come with a single gear ratio. They do not have derailleur gears. They also do not come with hub gearing or other fixtures which could help in varying the gear ratio of the bicycle. It also does not have a freewheel mechanism which is required for coasting. In other words, it will move as long as the rider pedals the bike. There are different sizes and specifications in which these bikes are available and we would do better to have some information so that we are able to choose the right single speed bicycle.

We will now look at five different models of bikes so that we are able to help our readers in choosing the right single speed bikes based on facts and information.

5 Top-Rated Single Speed Commuting Bikes Reviews

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Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2

In keeping with its rich tradition, Retrospec has come out with this quality single speed bicycle with fixed gear. It has a number of important features attached with it and this certainly goes a long way in making it complete and is in contention for the best single speed bicycle in the market. Here are a few features which strengthen this fact.


  • It is a tig welded, hand-built bicycle and made from the high-quality urban comfort steel frame.
  • Being tough and lightweight it is perfect for commuting and running errands.
  • It also is perfect for cruising on the beach road or giving some much-needed exercise for the body.
  • It comes with two quality brakes in the front and the rear which ensure secure and safe riding, in city traffic or even in open spaces.
  • It can easily come to a stop even when you are riding at high speeds without resulting in skidding if the roads are dry.

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  • It has high-quality flip flop hub and they are they safely enclosed in a sealed cartridge. Hence you can easily switch between freewheel and single-speed quite easily.
  • It also has high-quality tires and VP freestyle pedals and the best of KMC chain.
  • The super deep V rims go a long way in making it a quality bike from all points of view.


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  • Putting together the bike and assembling it is a slight problem and professional help would be needed.


After taking into account the various functions, features, advantages, and disadvantages, there is one thing clear. It certainly is a quality bike which is suitable for regular city commuting and for other purposes too. Versatility is the hallmark of this bicycle which makes it highly popular with large sections of customers.

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Takara Kabuto Road Bike

It has been proven time and again that when it comes to quality bikes Takara Kabuto has always had a good and enviable track record. In keeping with this tradition, this single speed bike also has quite a few interesting things to offer. For example, it has a 58-centimeter center top tube which makes it quite unique and versatile. Additionally, there are a number of other reasons too why it makes sense to have a closer look at this bike.


  • It is a single-speed commuting bike that comes with a rear flip flop hub. This can be used both for freewheel and fixed gear operations.
  • This Single-speed bicycle frame is made from a high-quality steel frame and so is the fork. This helps a lot in bearing big weight and also prevents corrosion and rusting.
  • The rims are made from quality alloy material and high-quality alloy metals are also used for making the hubs.
  • The side pull brakes are also made from alloy material ensuring longevity, safety, and dependability. It has a 33-inch standover clearance.

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  • It is extremely good to look at without doubt is the best mix of performance, quality, and ergonomics.
  • It is suitable for riders from 5 feet 10 inches to those who are 6 feet two inches, making it versatile for many riders.
  • It comes in an almost totally assembled condition and the balance assembling can be done by the users themselves quite easily.
  • It is reasonably priced and is designed to last and thereby offer good value for money to its customers.
  • It weighs 35.2 pounds and comes with an overall healthy dimension of 8 x 30.5 x 53 inches.


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  • The seat according to some users hurt and a new seat might become necessary.


When we have a look at all the above parameters and attributes, we can be reasonably sure that it is a quality bike built to perform, last and offer comfort and safety. It is a versatile bike that can work as a commuting bike and also can help you to be a part of some fun and adventure.

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Vilano Edge Fixed Gear

Extremely stylish in looks, there is no doubt that this is an outstanding single speed bike. It has all the qualities and ingredients to make it as a strong and potential candidate for the best value single speed bikes in the market. It has quite a few takeaways. Let us look at a few outstanding featuring as far as this bicycle is concerned.


  • One look at this bike you will be sure that it is going to be a good value for money.
  • It is made from the best of forged alloy material whether it is the frame or the crankset.
  • It is feature rich and the frame has been specially designed to handle single speed biking.
  • The fork is made from high-quality materials and is threadless.
  • This best single speed wheelset is also worth mention and comes with flip flop hub which is suitable for single speed and fixed gear operations.
  • The crankset has been made using forged alloy and has a 46T chainring.

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  • The anodized wheels and high quality 45 mm Deep V rims make it a perfectly wheeled bicycle.
  • The tires are not only of the best quality but have been stylishly designed and colored to attract maximum attention.
    It is quite easy to assemble.
  • It is clean and sleek without any unwanted frills which make riding quite pleasing and worth remembering.
  • It also is reasonably priced and therefore not a big drain on the pocket.


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  • The packaging leaves much to be desired and therefore there have been instances of damage to the bicycle parts.


Whether it is for the looks, performance, durability or various other attributes, we can safely say that it is a quality bike which has been designed and made to perform well under trying and difficult conditions. Customers can also expect the best and can be sure that they will get the best value for money.

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Critical Cycles Harper

Your search for a quality bike which delivers on it promises might have ended. There are reasons to believe that this hand-built high-quality steel frame single speed bike is a sexy little object. It matches the best of looks with the most amazing performance and therefore it could be in line for being branded as one of the top single speed bikes in the country today.


  • The frame featuring bar spin clearance is certainly a big takeaway as far as this product is concerned.
  • It also ensures that there is no toe overlap and it also does not have horizontal dropouts.
  • The quality of flip-flop is also fine which helps to move from fix to freewheel and back quite easily.
  • The Wanda commuter tires, KMC chain, deep v rims of 30mm size and VP freestyle pedals are also important features worth looking it. It has two sets of brakes for front and back wheels.
  • The quality materials ensure that apart from durability the bike can fight corrosion and rust quite effectively.

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  • It offers excellent ride quality but it would be best suitable for road travel.
  • The thin tires might look misleading but they are designed for strong grip and do not slip while turning at reasonably good speeds.
  • It is a simple, no frills easy to rid bike which has been built to last for at least a few years and perhaps even a decade, if maintained properly.
  • The frame is solid and has clean and high-quality welds.


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  • Though the bike comes 85% fitted, you might need the help of a mechanic to complete the remainder 15% fitting.


In fine, there are reasons to believe that the bike has been designed superbly and stylishly and is one of the most perfect bikes as far as city commuting and biking is concerned. It is reasonably priced and therefore offers good value for money. The service standards and warranty terms and conditions are also quite good.

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Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear

Extremely well designed, stylish and great looking there is no doubt that this is one of the best bikes within its price range. It is has a number of customer-friendly features making it a good value for money bike. The first thing which strikes any viewer is its stunning and sleek looks. This is equally matched by the workmanship, materials and other important attributes making it a complete bike.


  • It has all the things required of a quality single speed bike.
  • For example, it has high quality 50 mm wheels which are deep-dish in nature.
  • The rear wheel flip flop hub is made from quality materials and it helps to change from fixed to single speed and vice versa quite easily.
  • The front brake is easy to remove and have it fixed again.
  • It contains all branded components like Oury Grips, KMC Chain and Kenda Tires and Tubes.
  • It is light in weight and therefore easy to use and maneuver along with different types of surfaces.

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  • It generates quite a bit of speed and it literally cruises along when you ride over long distances.
  • The brakes are of the best quality to ensure that they help in smooth, safe and secure driving.


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  • The pedal quality according to many riders leaves a bit to be desired.


All in all, it is a reasonably good bike which has the best looks. But for some problems with the bike, there is nothing negative about this bike and it has been designed to perform and deliver on its promises. It is reasonably priced and customers can expect long-lasting and trouble-free performance from this bike.


Who Should Use A Single Speed Commuting Bike?

It would be wrong to insulate the use of single speed bikes only among a category of riders. In fact it would not be wrong to suggest that anybody who likes fun, excitement and adventure would do well to ride these unique bikes. They are also extremely suitable for all those who would like to keep their body fit because these cycles demand much more in terms of effort, strength and stamina. It is also suitable for those who wish to hone and improve their cycling skills. It helps to improve technique quite well. It also lets the rider know how important raw power and strength can be.

Tips For Choosing The Best Single Speed Bikes

Since there are so many options available, choosing the right one could often be a tough and difficult choice. It all boils down to having the right knowledge and information. Let us try and have a look at the various important points to be kept in mind when choosing the best budget single speed bike. This will help making a decision based on information rather than going after opinions and hearsays.

Frame Bike

There is no doubt that the frame of the bike is the most important and the same applies to single speed bikes. Hence you must spend some time looking at the quality of the frame and the material from which it is made of. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and stiff material which could be suitable for those who are looking at lightweight bikes. There are other metals like titanium, steel and others which could be ideal for single speed bikes.


Yes, you certainly must spend some quality time choosing the right handlebar for your fixed bicycle. The three common options available are Riser bar, drop handlebar and butt handle bar. Each one has its own unique features. It would depend on your style of riding and how comfortable you are either riding erect or crouching a bit while riding. It is a question of personal preference and it would be better to try each handle bar and then choose the one which best suits you.

Flip-Flop Hub

Flip flop hubs are unique for single speed bikes. It pertains to the rear wheel, where there is a single cog on each side of the hub. One cog is fixed and the other is freewheel. The freewheel helps you to coast when you are not pedaling. When needed you can get back to pedaling mode by choosing the next cog. Hence you must spend some time choosing the right flip flop hub.

Rear And Front Hub

There is no doubt that hub is one of the most important part of any single speed bike. You must therefore pay attention to the quality of hub which you choose. As far as rear hubs are concerned, they should usually be accompanied by freewheel because of reasons mentioned earlier. Though the front hub is not as complicated as the hear hub, it must be smooth and must be tough to withstand high speeds and must be durable and long lasting.

Chain & Pedals

Chains and pedals are also extremely important parts of single speed bike in general and single speed bikes in particular. The bike chains should be made of the toughest metals and the workmanship. Further they should be rust and corrosion free and they must be able to bear both weight and speed. The functioning of the chain is directly related to the pedals which you are using for your bike. They bear the entire weight as you pedal your way through. They must be comfortable, strong and easy to use.

Tires & Saddle

Finally buying the right tires and saddle is extremely important. The tires must be perfectly in line with the overall width and circumference of the wheels.  They must be of the best quality without being too heavy. They must be able to absorb lot of surface tension in different types of weathers.

Benefits Of Good Quality Single Speed Bikes

Since single speed bikes are attached to freewheel, they certainly come with a number of obvious advantages and benefits. Let us have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.


Since single speed bikes have limited number of moving components, the maintenance becomes that much simple and easy. When you look at geared bikes they come with shifters, derailleur, multiple cogs and other such moving parts. Even if one of them does not work you certainly have a big problem in hand. However, this is not the case with single speed bikes which have far lesser moving parts. Hence maintenance, upkeep and servicing become that much simple and easy.


Cost is an important factor which must be taken into account when buying a bicycle. There is no denying the fact that single speed bikes because of the simpler technology and lesser number of moving parts. Hence they are far more affordable when compared to geared bikes which have a number of complexities in them. Hence if you are looking for a quality biking experience without having to spend huge money then choosing one of the best single speed bikes would be the best way forward.


Since the numbers of components are less compared to other bikes, it also impacts the weight in a positive way. Even the best of single speed bikes with some additional fittings would most probably be several pounds lesser in weight. Hence whether it is being on the bicycle or off it, it certainly comes with a number of benefits and advantages. Lighter bikes make riding that much easier and you can cover longer distances with lesser burnout. Further it also becomes easier to carry them. If you are living in an apartment, lifting single speed bikes will be much easier.


If we have a look at the various features, functions and specifications there are reasons to believe that it makes lot of sense to go in for best single speed bikes if you require it for regular commuting and for some bit of adventure and fun. There are quite a few models available and choosing the right one should not be a problem.

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