The first thing after hopping on your bicycle is…. taking control of it is with the handle bars. Isn’t it! And your hands deserve adequate protection. Certainly, the road cycling gloves are designed for providing comfort to the rider.

What Kind Of Comfort? Let Me Explain

There could be hot summer months, rainy days, dicey winter weather and other things. While taking long rides or daily commuting purposes, cyclists need to be careful and need to keep safe from possible accidents.

You will be surprised to know about the features the modern-day cycling gloves offer like the waterproof, windproof, reflective strips with numerous styles and colors.
Lightweight fingerless summer mitts to the padded cushioned winter gloves, we have all for you!!!

Best Road Cycling Gloves- A Quick Look

     ★ Best Overall ★       

LuxoBike Mountain Bike Gloves

road bike gloves

Relieve Hand Fatigue

Supple And Durable

Cool Breathable

     ★ Top Choice ★       

Summer Cooling Cycling Gloves

full finger cycling gloves

VersatileSizing Options

Touch Screen Gloves

UV Protection

     ★ Best Value ★       

NICEWIN Winter Cycling Gloves


Convenient And Thermal

Touch Screen


Summer Mitts

These are traditional roadie-style summer wear fingerless mitts that offer cushioning between bars and hands. The ergonomic gel inserts (more expensive models), and extra palm padding provide enough comfort. There could be shredding by road rash in any event of spill, then these mitts provide protection.

The new models may come with a synthetic leather on the palm with a moisture-wicking material that maintains coolness along with providing comfort. The cuff closure elasticated or Velcro is the rider’s preference. One more common feature is the microfibre pad or toweling for wiping the sweat or any bodily fluids.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

1. LuxoBike Cycling Gloves Bicycle Gloves Bicycling Gloves

road bike gloves

These padded cycling gloves minimize numbness and dampen road vibration when you ride your mountain bike. This features 4-zone shock-absorbing pads that are strategically placed throughout the palm.The back of the hand remains cool breathable, and the stretchable Lycra with secure Velcro closure adjusts to your wrists and enhance flexibility and sensitivity.

The gloves have a Micro suede palm for perfect fit and maximum grip. No slip half finger cycle gloves for best contact to handlebar. The soft absorbent thumb towel cloth to wipe away sweat. You need not turn them inside out and take off easily when you want.


  • Relieves hand fatigue.

  • Cool breathable, stretchable Lycra provide comfort.

  • This is supple and durable with a perfect fit.

  • Soft absorbent thumb towel.

  • Easy to wear and take-off.

  • Suita men and women both.


  • A wrong fit can be dissatisfying.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

2. Elite Cycling Project Men's Road Racer Summer Cycling Mitts

gel cycling gloves

These are top quality cycling gloves with short finger less style that are ideal for summer cycling and racing. Padded gel palms bring a lot of comfort with silicon printing for extra grip. They don’t get slippery on getting wet and safe to wash in machine. These are essential for any serious cyclist and work ideal for road cycling in spring, summer, and anytime in the gym.

Constructed with the latest materials these gloves are comfy and long-lasting. The gel insert enhances the grip with and also features a silicon printed graphic (glove palm and fingers). A cool fit and stylish look is added by the stretchy on the back. The reflective piping gives extra bit of visibility when you are encountering low light conditions.


  • Comes with padded palm with gel thumb protection.

  • Artificial leather palms and stretchy Lycra back.

  • Machine washable cycle gloves for the road or track.

  • Silicone printed graphic on palm and fingers for enhanced grip.

  • Suitable for men and women both.


  • Wearing for a long time period may cause slight rash on sensitive skin.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

3. Giro Zero CS Men's Road Cycling Gloves

vintage cycling gloves

If you want zero-padding then these gloves from Giro are top level premium quality gloves. These are designed wonderfully and feature good grip and control. These very breathable gloves use 100% sheep leather around the palms. The not only fit snugly but give you a real feel of the handlebars.

Fashion conscious people will be happy to know that these are available in different colors. These Pro are the latest version that are ultimate in ventilation, durability, bar feel, and control. These gloves have a highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface. These cool gloves are supported by a manufacturer warranty of 1-year.


  • Superior quality product with slip-on closure.
  • Super fit engineered three-panel design.

  • Recommended for cycling.
  • Features a gradient stretch woven backhand.
  • Pro-level glove for men and women both.
  • Comes with a cool skin 4-way stretch, microfiber wipe.


  • Misfit may not be of much use.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

4. Boodun Cycling Gloves With Shock-absorbing Foam

biking gloves

All the cycling enthusiasts who spend a lot of saddle time, then nothing can beat the BOODUN shock-absorbing foam pad gloves. These gloves use n 8mm foam padding that is designed to support and work coordinating with your hand’s bony structure for comfort during long distances.High-quality material and micro suede gloves that are stretchable and breathable.

The user remains comfortable with the towel cloth on the thumb that’s used to wipe bodily fluids or sweat. The brand boasts of dealing in the comfortable sports clothing and accessories for years. You can maximize your performance with these set of cycling gloves.


  • This is made from Lycra material: stretchable and breathable.

  • Light and soft, and feels natural and comfortable fit.

  • Towel cloth on the thumb works well to wipe sweat.

  • Features a shock-absorbing elastic 8mm padding on the palms.
  • Maximizes aesthetic performance.


  • Nice ones with no negatives as such.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

Lightweight Full Finger Gloves

These types of gloves are used by cyclists when they require protection from trailside vegetation, thorns, or any other things that could cause harm. They can be used on winter and milder autumn days. The features such as silicone finger grippers that can help in improving control on brakes/gear levers should be checked prior.

Reflective piping too helps for various commuting duties and many riders both on and off-road prefer to have gloves that are comfy and at the same time remain cool in feel and appearance.

5. Summer Cooling Cycling Gloves Full Finger Touch Screen for Women Men

full finger cycling gloves

These are all-purpose gloves that are suitable for biking, cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, general workouts, fitness, running, sporting, and more. The strong silica gel designed on the palm of the cycling gloves that improve your grip’s effect. These are soft, low-profile, and much-resistant to abrasion, and keep your hands relieved of any kind of pain after long-time riding.

These are excellent-quality gloves that provide UV protection and keeps your palms away from injury.Made from superior-quality ice silk fabric, these have high-elastic, are thin, lightweight, cozy, and comfortable to wear. This has form-fitting with silk-spandex blend that embraces the natural shape with the compression support.

The open finger design allows a better range of motion while you drive and all your routine activities like texting, writing, fishing, driving, etc. can be done with ease. You can gift these to your friends and family too.


  • These provide anti-slip and shock absorption protection.

  • During long-time exercise these are breathable and prevent palm stuffiness.

  • Precision touch point control, touchscreen.

  • High-quality material, moisture-wicking, highly-elastic.
  • Both for men and women, young girls and boys.
  • Features an easy elastic closure.
  • Multi-purpose gloves.


  • The wrong size may not prove of any help.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

6. LuxoBike MTB Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves

road cycling gloves

The LuxoBike offers a comfortable snug fit without being tight. They feature a supple suede palm with breathable moisture-wicking elastic spandex placed on the back provide comfort and protection to your hands. These are suitable for spring and summer riding. These effectively absorb the shock and the extra palm cushion pads (in the right place) relieve hand fatigue and reduce numbness on bumpy roads.

This way you can increase your saddle time and ride conveniently. The durable slip and wear-resistant microfiber palm prevents blisters and reduces the skidding probability when you go and shred that trail. Without taking-off your gloves you can access smart phones with the touch screen recognition feature.

This features a Velcro strap that makes it easy to put on and take off. Comes with a terry cloth design that will wipe away the dripping sweat. After workout cold machine wash recommended.


  • These have exclusive 4-zone shock pads absorb vibrations that reduce numbness.
  • Cool, quick drying, lightweight, Lycra mesh clothing for extra breathability.
  • Soft thumb towel to wipe-off sweat.
  • Touch screen recognition on thumb and index.
  • For maximum grip and stability this features a micro suede palm.


  • The finger-touch feature isn’t as good as others on the list.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

7. Dirt Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves MTB Bicycle

road bike glove

These cycling and biking gloves are made from rugged material that are suitable enough to stand any trail. With their eye-catching design they strike a perfect balance of comfort and durability.These comprise of 70% polyester and 30% spandex material.Thin enough to let your fingers breathe and thick enough to provide you with warmth.

They provide you with year-around werability with comfort. Hot-spot prevention takes care of the problem areas of the hands. No matter how hard you ride these gloves provide adequate coolness with a snug fit.


  • Remain durable year around.
  • Four-way stretch material that gives a natural fit into your palms.
  • Padding-free design keeps your hands cool.
  • Touch screen recognition on thumb and index.
  • Machine washable, Velcro-free design.
  • These offer performance optimization.


  • If you are looking for thin gloves then buy these.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

Winter Gloves

Buying gloves for winter purposes should guarantee to keep hands warm and dry. In sub-zero temperatures these gloves are essential. They are designed in such way that use a variety of layers which is a microporous membrane. This membrane not only keeps water and cold out but allow your hands to breathe.

Since these gloves are a bit thicker than the summer mitts, they are heavier and bulkier thereby the dexterity and flexibility remain a bit compromised. The ones that are designed latest are somewhat thinner in this category with a high-price tag.

8. GORE WEAR C5 Thermo Gloves GORE-TEX

summer cycling gloves

These pair of winter gloves are engineered to a versatile glove that provides enough protection to your hands in the adverse weather conditions. These gloves form an essential part of your excursion kit when you are planning for some long rides in wet winter conditions.

GORE-TEX Active Technology keeps these gloves windproof, waterproof, and extremely durable. More comfort is added with the terry cloth trim on thumb with the moisture-absorbing material inside the gloves. They come with a thermal interior and synthetic leather on palm.


  • These are unisex gloves for cold weather conditions.
  • The gloves are water-proof, windproof, and extremely breathable.
  • Foam padding on palm gives enough comfort.
  • Features a thermal interior that keeps the warmth intact.


  • The size selection should be done properly.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

9. ReflecToes Fluorescent Reflective Gloves

waterproof cycling gloves

Your bio-motions are easily detected with these winter gloves that feature 50% high-reflective and 50%-day glow fluorescent technology. These are warm, insulated gloves with thermal fleece lining and water-proof membrane that can be used for a variety of sports such as running, walking, cycling. The touchscreen technology makes you use your smartphone to its full capacity with “Capacitive Touch” technology.

These are cold-resistant in winter, and breathable in sunshine.Works well for snow, heavy rain and freezing temperatures. They are windproof and waterproof for maximum tactical performance. These gloves use the motion of your hands to grab the attention of drivers and also identify yourself as a walker or a runner. Fluorescent yellow color is used to provide extra visibility during the day time. This appears 2-3 times brighter than the other colors.


  • Be safe and be seen with these fluorescent reflective gloves.
  • These are warm and designed for your comfort.
  • These support the touchscreen quality.
  • Padded and protective.
  • Windproof and waterproof.
  • High-quality visibility.


  • Take time to dry.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

10. Achiou Bike Gloves for Men and Women Full Finger

winter bicycle gloves

The Achiou bike gloves have an elasticized fabric with manual measurements that are tailored with perfect fits. Warm design and convenience are what these gloves offer and you need not take them off while you answer your phone or paly with it. This is a multi-purpose palm anti-slip damping pad design that reduces friction between the bike handle bar and thereby decreasing pain after long riding.

Provides quality comfort while you are driving, cycling, riding, or other outdoor activities. The terry cloth design helps the bikers to wipe sweat after long hours of riding. They provide warm protection for hands and keep them comfortable too.


  • You get the perfect grip.
  • Warm design, breathable, with touch-screen quality.
  • Palm vent design for sweat evaporation.
  • Hand back material provides wind protection against cold.
  • Great gift idea too.


  • Wrong size selection may not prove useful.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

11. NICEWIN Winter Cycling Gloves Motorcycle Bike


These are windproof gloves that feature high-quality materials of water-resistant surface with polar fleece lining that provide a great heat storage effect. These cycling gloves are convenient and thermal that help in wiping sweat with ease. They also feature a lengthened wrist with hoop and loop fastener, stylish and easy to put on and also keep your hands warm for longer time.

You also get warning effect during night with the reflective caution strips on dorsum of hand. On bumpy roads they absorb the shock and reduce numbness as feature special palm pads. Thumb and forefinger adopt microfiber so that you can easily access smart phones without removing the glove in winter. These will make your daily commute or recreational cycling overall a great experience.


  • Features an elastic closure for comfort.
  • Made from composite fabric keeps them windproof.
  • Convenient and thermal design.
  • A safe design that comes with reflective caution strips.
  • Good for men and women for all ages mainly in winter.
  • Can be put to multi-purpose use.


  • Below zero degrees may not be so warm.

Few Important Things To Consider Before Buying The Right Pair Of Gloves

The Perfect Fit / Size Chart

Without an appropriate size the gloves won’t be beneficial for you. Smaller or tight-fitting gloves may lead to chaffing or discomfort. Bigger ones may also be annoying as they tend to wiggle inside. This will make gripping the handlebars more difficult. The shapes, sizes, and colors are different and before you spend your money check the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

The size is usually taken into count by measuring the hand circumference and the widest point below the knuckles. As per your requirements you should measure your hand length from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist and the longer measurements determine the size.

B. Padding Feature

Foam: This is considered to be the cheapest and don’t provide a good feel to the handlebars. Commonly found in low to mid tiered gloves.

EVA: This material is found in mid to high end gloves also known as ethyl vinyl acetate.

Gel: These are soft and squishy in feel and are good for mid to high end gloves.

Every glove has different padding levels and some don’t have also. Some feature zero padding on one end of the spectrum, while the other falls anywhere between with maximum padding at the other end. The location of padding may differ but more or less they cover similar areas. Three major types on the basis of their cost and quality are:

C. Padding Good Or Bad!!!

Pros: While riding on the uneven roads the padding absorbs road vibrations and at the same time distribute pressure.
Cons: Excess padding won’t help you feel the handle bars with ease and a comfy grip.
Zero Padding is something when you want to feel the handlebars completely or the terrain where you are driving requires so.

Professional Advice: Gel and EVA padding are probably the best materials go for.

D. Smartphone Friendly

Yes, of course!!!

Be it autumn or winter gloves accessing a phone becomes extremely easier if the gloves support this quality. At least the index finger should be so and taking calls or checking text messages becomes a lot more comfortable.

E. Windproof, Water-resistant, And Water-proof

The weather conditions especially in winter are unpredictable and all these three qualities complete a good pair of gloves. Some of the ones that are made of nylon are exception to this. Water-resistant quality is added to the gloves with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. This material ensures that the droplets slide-off the surface of the fabric thereby keeping hands dry.

There are some wind stoppers (membrane) also that keep the gloves breathable, water-resistant, and windproof. Similar material to that of the Scuba diving gloves for some full waterproof winter glove, neoprene (is not breathable) is used.

F. Insulation- Down and Synthetic

Most of the riders prefer synthetic insulation and are high-in-demand. The down insulation is like feathers (as referred by some), is made from a duck or goose plumage. This is perhaps lofty and fluffy and provide enough warmth but remain less breathable.

The Wrap Up

Go for the gloves that are made from high grade fabric, ergonomic fit, are comfortable, and provide a snug fit. Do check the stitching around the fingers as this is the place where continuous rubbing may let the threads or material come out. You usually tend to get what you pay for. So, one should go for a product from a good brand like the ones mentioned above.