Buying an expensive bike for the first time is really an anxious and difficult process for you. With so many options available online and offline it becomes really a daunting task to select the perfect full suspension mountain bike.

When you are switching from a hardtail to a full suspension there is always a confusion whether the full dual suspension bike would be available for a budget under $2000.The fact is that there are many good models available for under $2000 in the full suspension bike category, you just need to have basic insights on selecting a good bike.

To ease out on the selection process here are some full suspension mountain bikes under $2000.

Comparison Chart Of Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race

Schwinn Capital 700c Hybrid Bicycle




     ★ Top Choice ★       

LANG Folding Mountain Bike

Mongoose Men's Banish 2.0 Hybrid Bike

Folding frame and front wheel

Aluminum power-off brakes

Infinitely variable speed

     ★ Best Value ★       

Mongoose Salvo Mountain Bike

Mens Hybrid Bicycle

Free Floating Technology Suspension

Refined Geometry

Trail tuned

Reviews of Best Full Supension Mountain Bike Under 2000

     ★ Top Pick ★       

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29c 1 Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bike

lightest full suspension mountain bike

This amazing bike is a rider’s dream. It smashes all it is competition by miles, it is the most aesthetically satisfying bike in this collection of bikes. It is one of the most innovatively made bikes as well. It has the level pink platform which is diamond back’s patented technique, which isolates the pedaling from the suspension, which makes it efficient from the other bikes. But here this is also in an enhanced version.

It comes with 29 inch tires which gives you a better and additional grip on ground and can run on low pressure too. It is an option which is not possible with bikes with thinner tires. The overdrive 29c 1 full suspension bike provides the rider with great maneuverability and is lightweight which makes it most coveted.

The bike is made with a carbon fiber frame which gives the bike a deadly combination of weightlessness and durability. Which makes the rider to gain maximum speed possible with maximum safety. If you love to ride a mountain bike, then you cannot miss this gem. The wheel set is also tubeless compatible which adds to the features of this bike.

It is also fitted with shimano M315 hydraulic brakes which enhances your control over the bike on the difficult mountain trails.


  • Lightweight and durable.

  • Shimano M315 hydraulic brakes gives super control.

  • Carbon frame makes it super strong.

  • On the fly lock out control


  • Thru axle spacing is not good.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

2. Steppenwolf Men's Tundra Pro Hardtail Mountain Bike

fastest mountain bike

This amazing mountain bike from Steppenwolf is a rage on mountains. It is riders pride and gets full marks for the style. The frame is made from triple butted X6 ultra-light aluminum, which not only makes it super light and super-fast but also makes it super durable and strong. It has 27.5 inch wheels which makes its grip perfect for the mountain trails.

The tires are made from schwalbe marathon which is known for its long running tires, and the spokes are of shimano which makes a great set of tires for the bike. The braking system is of shimano XT 175mm which gives the rider one of the greatest controlled braking systems for a mountain bike. Weighing at 29 lbs this is one of the lightest bikes available in this category.

This is a mild and tough bike to ride on. With the combination of a powerful carbon fiber frame and ultra-light frame, this premium bike is the first choice for a cross country or a marathon racer. The steep steerage attitude and short rear phase make it the most agile full suspension mountain bike.


  • Ultra-light and durable.

  • Great for cross country and marathon races.

  • Very agile.

  • Steep steerage.


  • Price high.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

3. LANG TU Folding Electric Mountain Bike

lightweight mountain bike

If you are onto electric mountain bikes then there is no better choice than the Lang Tu Folding electric bike. As the name suggests this is a foldable bike, which makes it ideal for any camping, trekking or mountain climbing expeditions. It can be easily disassembled and carried with you. Which would be a great help if you have a storage or space problem.

This amazing bike is available in 4 unique and vibrant colors. The best thing about this color is that the company adopts a contemporary and advanced painting process, which enhances the performance of the bike on rainy days or the sun. Which makes it the top option for adventure seekers.

The LANG TU is fitted with 26 inch tires, which makes the grip super strong for the bike and makes it ride the terrains or rocky surfaces with ease.There is variable speed available on this bike, which can be controlled with handlebar throttle.The bike is powered by a 48V 12lithium-ion battery powered engine, which is strong enough to give a top speed of 30km/h.

On a single full charge the bike can run for 25-30kms. The battery can also be powered with paddle assistance for 35-45 km power range. It comes with aluminum power brakes. This is the perfect mountain bike in electric mode.


  • Electric bike.

  • Long lasting battery.

  • 15 months warranty.

  • Great style and comfort.
  • Foldable.


  • Throttle issues.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

4. Mongoose Salvo Trail Mountain Bike Black

affordable full suspension mountain bikes

This beast from Mongoose is one hell of a mountain bike. It comes with a nine speed gear system which gives you an efficient edge over the mountain trails. This bike has a unique and refined geometry in its built. It has a shorter stem and a longer top tube.This technology not only increases the steering response but also enhances the control that too by providing more stability to the rider.

The mongoose Salvo trail mountain bike is a tough bike and is able to withstand any climatic or riding conditions as it is made with tectonic T2 aluminum frame, which gives it super strength and durability and ability to withstand any shock or damage that comes with mountain riding.The bike uses the new age free floating suspension technology which is specially designed to reduce the brake jack.

This technology is also responsible to make this bike use the most predictable suspension progression that is present in the bike industry. The amazing thing about this about the design of this bike is that the entire cabling of this bike is done internally. It not only gives a better look of the bike but also protects the bike’s shift cables and housing and protects it from usual wear and tear.

The tires come in sizes 29 inches which gives a good grip for the bike.


  • Super solid frame.

  • Lightweight and durable.

  • Free floating suspension technology.

  • High performance bike.


  • Inferior quality in accessories.

     ★ Top Pick ★       

5. Adamant – HydroRush H7 Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes for the money

If you are intending to buy a bike that has a wide range of features then the HydroRush H7 is a level apart. It takes mountain biking to the next level. The tires are 26/1.95 inches and are Kendra tires which have double wall alloy rim, which makes it the perfect bike for mountain riding and long rides.

The chain heel is a prow heel which makes it super strong and durable, and all of these perfect features mean you can take any trail, anywhere, anytime. The frame is an alloy which is made especially for challenges thrown to it. This bike boasts of sporting a shimano hydraulic disc brakes and alloy zoom suspension fork which always keeps you safe and undefeated.

This bike from Adamant comes with shimano hydraulic disk brakes and a M310 shifter, which gives it super string handling capabilities. It also consists of zoom suspension forks, which makes the ride smooth and comfortable for the rider.

The bike if purchased online comes 95% assembled, all you have to do is that you have to attach the handle bar and you are all set. Which is great as it saves a lot of time that would have been wasted in assembly otherwise. It is also a fast bike and picks up speed really fast.


  • Quality performance.

  • Ideal for long rides.

  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Double wall alloy wheels make it strong.
  • High speed.


  • High priced.

Buying Guide For Full Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Durable And Lightweight Frame

The bike frame is a very important component. It should be lightweight for comfortable usage. But should not compromise on durability to hold on rugged trails. Carbon frames are the best when it comes to mountain bikes. It offers the best balance between Weight and strength. But these are expensive and can happen to be fragile on trails.

Next in line are the aluminum frames which also provide excellent ruggedness and durability but are on the heavier side.

B. Wheel Size:

The most common wheel size that a mountain bike comes in are 26 -29 inches. The size often depends on the rising type of the rider. Smaller wheel size is best for trails that need quick movement and turns; these are also easy to handle than the larger ones.

Large wheels are very fast on downhill as they cover a lot of ground. The large wheels are popular with the cross country riders as they roll over obstacles pretty easily. The larger the wheel with each rotation it would cover more fields.

C. Components of the Bike:

Although it is related to the components of the bike, there are some more details to it. The hardtail bikes are high as their design is streamlined and simple. This makes them lighter than the full suspension bikes and also makes them bikes with less moving parts.

Full suspension bikes as we see have a lot of added components then the hardtails, this also means that they require a lot more maintenance than the hardtail. If you want to lighten up your bike then there is always an option to upgrade your forks.

D. Abilities

This is the portion where the suspension bike takes an upper hand and makes up to the lost ground. Full suspension bikes are able to outperform every bike on rocky and highly rigid terrain. They have the ability to give you a smooth ride on the rough terrain also. Which gives you maximum control over your bike.

So the million dollar question is which one is better, well ultimately it depends upon how you want to use the bike, but looking at the overall performance and ability then the mountain bike is the best.

Frequently Asked Question's

Are Full Suspension Bikes More Comfortable?

The full suspension bikes give better handling and traction than the hardtail bikes. So if you want your ride to be easier and comfortable then the full suspension bikes are the best. Plus they also provide good suspension on rocky and hard terrains making even the bumpy ride smooth.

Are Full Suspension Bikes Worth The Money Spent?

Full suspension bikes are on the expensive side more than the hardtail bikes. But the amount of comfort, better traction and handling provided by the full suspension bike is unparalleled. The suspension absorbs all the shocks of the ground and provides added protection to your back. It is the perfect companion for your mountain, hiking and trekking.

Do I Need Rear Suspension For My Mountain Bike?

The hardtail bikes do not have a rear suspension, this feature is only available in the full suspension bike. Rear suspensions are an important safety option that one should have when riding a bike. The rear suspension protects your back from injury while riding. If you are riding on a rocky or rough terrain then it is advisable to have a rear suspension.

Do Full Suspension Bikes Need More Maintenance?

Yes, that part is true as there are more components to the full suspension bike than the hardtail. Therefore the maintenance is more. To take care of your bike you should always clean your bike and check for any broken parts.

The Wrap Up

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