Looking for the Best Fixed Gear Bikes? We all want to have the latest technology in everything be it phones or other gadgets. Bikes have also been revolutionized.

The latest bikes are able to reverse. They have the fix gear. The fixed gear bikes parts are less so that makes it light. It glides on the road and will get you out of any traffic snarl up that is if you are caught in one.

Choosing a bike is not easy especially because there are so many in the market like folding bikes, hybrid bikes. Getting a good make, in the right size for you is the tricky part.

As you plan to get your own, you could borrow a friend so that you can get to know the right size for you. We will give you all the information you will need when choosing a best fixie bike and also give you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Compare 5 Best Fixie Road Bicycle Now!

★ Best Overall ★

Pure Fix Original Single Speed Fixie Bike

  • High-Tensile
  • Highly Durable
  • Classic Design

★ Top Choice ★

good fixed gear bikes

  • Lightweight
  • Smoothest Ride
  • Most Comfortable

★ Best Value ★

fixed gear freestyle bikes

  • Best Material
  • Highest Quality
  • Easy To Assemble

Detailed Single Speed Bike Reviews With Specs

1. Pure Fix Original - Single Speed Freewheel Bike

This bike is single fixed speed. It is made of steel so it is strong and durable. It is a favorite of many riders. It is a simple bike yet classy.


  • V-Drome Saddle – This design of saddle is absolutely comfortable.
  • Fixie Bicycle Frame And Fork Are Steel – This is a very strong and durable bike. This is attributed to the steel used to make it. It is also very study.
  • Pure-Fix KT Quando Hub Which Is Lasered – This is what helps the gear change from single to fixed easy.
  • Front Brakes Can Be Removed – The gear make it easy to remove these brakes and ride it brakes free.

  • Wheel Has A Dish Shape – These fixed gear bike wheels are deep. This feature makes it best fixed gear freestyle bikes. Which are very strong, its wheels also absorb shock as you ride.
  • Presta Valves On The Tires That Retain Pressure – This valve are 60mm air pressure ai retained after inflation. This makes it possible to take long rides before inflating.


  • It has a life time warranty on the fixie frame and one year on the parts of fixed gear bike.
  • Has a comfortable saddle.
  • Pure single speed freewheel bike is very fast.
  • You have different handlebars shapes to choose from.
  • A strong sturdy frame and hence durable


  • To get the warranty, you have to get the bike assembled by an expert.

Final Verdict

According to the pure fix bicycle reviews, It is a very fast bike and is good for anyone who is daring and wants to feel the rush of the adrenalin.

2. Retrospec Mantra - Best Single Speed Bike For Commuting

This retro spec fixie is a multitask bike. It can race in competition or can be a good commuter bike.


  • Tig Welded, Hand Built Urban-Comfort – This fixed gear bikes frame is designed to withstand any kind of pressure put on it.
  • Rims Are V-Shaped– The fixie bike rims are deep and the make it possible to ride on a free wheel.

  • FGFS Reflectors And Straps- This are standard reflectors that add to your safety.
  • Rounded Treads Kenda-West Made Fixie Bike Tires-:This help disperse water as you ride adding to your safety.
  • Bearing On The Hub Is Sealed– They are sealed to reduce friction and make it easy to move.
  • Adjustable Saddle – This aids to better comfort. The design of the saddle also adds to your comfort.
  • Integrated Seat Clump – This aids in holding your back better.
  • Bottle Holder – This aids in carrying your water bottle as you take your long rides.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • A durable, strong and sturdy frame.
  • An affordable bike
  • Wheels add to the comfort and are quite durable.
  • Room for your water bottle to ensure you are well dehydrated
  • Reflectors added as a safety precaution.


  • Has only one brake.

Final Verdict

It has good features that make it comfortable. It has added safety precautions and is quite affordable. Quite a good choice.

3. Critical – Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike

The combination of this bike ensures comfort and a smooth ride.


  • Frame Of Steel – The fixie frame is handmade. It is very strong and sturdy
  • Wanda Tires With 30mm V-Shaped Rims: Very durable tires that are comfortable and take time to be replaced.
  • Hub, Flip-Flop In Nature – You can ride on a free wheel on both single gear and fixed gear bicycle.

  • Comfort – The saddle is adjustable to your comfort and the design also gives you comfort.
  • Tools Are Provided For – This bike comes with a package of all the tools you will need to fix it. This will aid in maintenance.


  • Pretty stylish
  • It is light so needs less energy to ride.
  • Quite durable
  • Very Stylish
  • Quite affordable
  • Free tools make maintenance easy.


  • Needs some experience to ride without brakes.

Final Verdict

Has special feature to ensure a smooth comfortable ride.

4. State Bicycle Co - Lightest Fixed Gear Bikes

It has a chrome frame and fork. This makes negotiating corners easier. It is good for bikers.


  • Chrome Frame And Fork – Chrome is a material that is light and strong. It is also rust free. There is less energy spent pedaling uphill.
  • Deep 43” Rims – This rims make the bike more comfortable.
  • Fixed And Free Cogs – You can ride on free or fixed wheel.

  • Wide Tires – The size of the wheel make it more comfortable for the rider.
  • Comfortable Saddle – It has a seat post that has been designed to help support the back and also help avoid other aches.
  • Light Weight Track Wheels Made From Aluminum – They do not rust, are strong and durable. This helps in the speed enhancement.
  • Handlebars Are Bullhorn Shaped And Are Wrapped With Tape – Gives you a comfortable hand rest as you ride along.
  • Alloy Wellgo Pedals Free – This are given free on purchase of this bike.


  • It can go on high speed because it is light weight.
  • Rust free fixie frame.
  • Good for leisure ride.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is very economical.
  • Has a 1 year warranty.
  • You get free pedals on purchase.


  • It uses propulsion to move. So you will have to use more energy to ride up the hill.

Final Verdict

The bullhorn shaped handlebars make it quite comfortable and more loved.it can be a good choice.

5. Vilano Rampage – Fixed Gear Road Bikes

Vilano fixed gear is a one gear bike that is best bike for cruising. It is easy to ride because it is light. It is very comfortable.


  • Beautiful Geometry Tag Welded Frame – This design is strong and can withstand all kinds of weather. The fork adds to strength and stability.
  • The Twin-Walled Deep V Rims With Anodized Wheel set and hubs – This are for the free wheel riders. They give more comfort.
  • Free Fixie Bike Pedals – You get them as a token.

  • Durable – Lasts long so you do not have to worry about replacing the bike soon.
  • Strong Durable Tires – These are necessary for different weather terrains.
  • Alloy Crank Set: for your biking needs.


  • Good for easy rides.
  • Not expensive.
  • This best fixed gear bicycle that is highly robust.
  • Light weight so it is easy to carry.
  • Fixed gear bike with brakes on the front and rear wheels.


  • Noisy brake pads.

Final Verdict

A stylish & good fixie bike that is affordable.

6. 6ku Aluminum - Single Speed City Bikes

Made out of aluminum it is rust free and durable. It is a fixed gear track bike that is light.


  • Aluminium Frame – This frame is rust free. It is light. Durable and will save you a lot of money because it does not need repairs all the time.
  • Fork Made Of Alloy – Has very good shocks
  • Adjustable Saddle – makes it more comfortable.
  • Single Speed – 6ku Aluminum is best single speed city bikes for leisure speed only.
  • Flip Flop Hub – this gives you the free wheel ride and is applicable to both fixed gear and single gear.


  • Not expensive
  • Durable
  • Good for novice riders
  • Does not wear and tear easily.
  • Ideal for leisure rides.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • Free pedals.


  • No kick stand available.

Final Verdict

6ku fixed gear bike is the best track bike with style and strength. According to the above reviews it is clear that this is the best single speed bike for commuting

7. Golden Cycles - Fixed Speed Bike

For comfort hustle free rides and ideal for cruises


  • Tensile steel frame with fork – A strong, sturdy and durable frame.
  • The deep alloy rim – Makes it to go wheels free.
  • Durable – The steel makes it last for a very long time.
  • 700c x 25 Brakes (Kenda) – This are good brakes
  • Bmx Pedals – Strong and durable and very ideal for movement.
  • 32 Sealed Ball Bearings In A Flip-Flop Hub – Helps you enjoy a free wheel ride.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quite pocket friendly
  • The steel makes it heavy-duty.
  • Quite  comfortable


  • The handle bars are not easy to handle when your hands sweat.

Final Verdict

Ideal for leisure ride or commuter rides.

8. Schwinn Haven - 1 Speed Road Bike

Very sleek for the modern biker and is one of the 1 speed fast road bikes


  • Steel Frame – Less repair works expenses because the steel is strong and study
  • Double Walled Deep V-shaped Rims – The rims give you double comfort.
  • Unique Tires 700 x 25 c – More comfort and longer lasting tires.
  • Caliper Alloy-Made Brakes – Good brakes with high impact
  • A Flip-Flop Hub On Rear Wheel – This helps you move on free wheel on either single gear or fixed gear bicycle.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Steel frame makes it robust.
  • Quite economical to buy.
  • Top notch comfort


  • The frame can become rusty if it is exposed.

Final Verdict

It is available in different sizes. So it can be ideal for the whole family.

9. 700c Kent Thruster - Men's Single Speed Bike

It is quite durable and strong. It is ideal for leisure use only.


  • Available in 2 colors blue and yellow – beautiful colors for outdoor activity
  • Steel Frame And Fork – This makes it ideal to carry any man. It is strong and durable.
  • Chain Protector – This protects you feet as you ride and also the chain is protected from damage.
  • Adjustable Saddle – This is adjustable to your size and comfort.
  • Flip Flop Hub – This will help you ride on free.
  • Rear And Front Brakes – This come in handy in times of emergency. This adds to the safetyof the rider.
  • Rims Are Made From Alloy – High quality and added comfort.


  • Saddlebar and handlebar are quite comfortable
  • Beautiful color.
  • budget friend
  • easy to assemble
  • free pedals upon purchase.


  • Poor quality inner tubes

Final Verdict

According to the thruster fixie reviews,  Ideal for track Activities.

10. Dublin - One Speed Bike

With a classic design, it is one of the stylish track racing bike and ideal for leisure activities.


  • Has A good Racing Geometry.
  • V – Shaped Rims – For a smooth ride.
  • Bullhorn Shaped Handlebars – For a comfortable ride.
  • Durable Tires – Ideal for all kinds of weather ad are also very durable.
  • Rear And Front Wheels Have Dual Caliper Brakes– Very safe kind of brakes.
  • Flip-Flop Hub – This allows for free wheel rides.


  • Riding is comfortable
  • Sold at a lower price
  • Steel frame makes it durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • The handlebars gets loose.

Final Verdict

Very ideal for leisure activities.

What Is A Fixed Gear Bike?

Commonly known as bicycle fixie, they have been around for a long time. This name came from the fact that they are able to move to any direction you pedal to. You control them completely. This is because the cogs are fixed in the rear wheel and they have no bearing system. This is why you have complete control.

With this bike, you get to enhance your pedaling skills as you pedal to any direction. This bike is so light, as it does not have many parts. The fixed gears are the brakes. The handlebar is either a drop handlebar, straight or upright. You can choose which handlebar you prefer.

best single speed bikes

Things To Consider While Buying A Best Fixed Gear Bike?

This guide is for anyone who wants to ride on a light bike and have total control. It makes riding an adventure. We have so much that we know you want to learn and we are going to answer those questions that you have been holding. We will take you through this journey that will help you become an expert when choosing a bike.


  • Market Price

The cost of a bike determines the quality of the machine. All the bikes you will find in this list are affordable. The best bikes are high in quality and the price is affordable. The most preferred bikes are easy to assemble, user friendly and are low maintenance.

  • Is It Long Lasting?

A bicycle fixie should be long lasting. Steel and aluminum frame bikes are sturdy and have a low wear and tear rate. A steel fork makes a bike shock resistant and hence more durable.

  • Assured Comfort

The design of a bike can determine how comfortable it is. Comfort is also determined by the saddle shape, size and position and the handlebar design and grip.

  • Not Heavy

The weight of the bike determines how fast the bike picks momentum. Most fixed gear bicycles are light because they lack a lot of parts. The missing parts make it cheap too.

  • The Brake System

Coaster brakes are used in these bikes although there are some people who ride them pretty well without the brakes. Somehow, their feet act as the brakes. Absolutely crazy, but fun and thrilling.

custom fixie bike

How To Choose The Good Quality Custom Single Speed Fixie Bike

When buying a custom fixie bikes, here are 11 factors to consider.

  • Size:

Be sure to buy the size that is right for you. You can do this by first trying out a friends. Buying the wrong size will make you very uncomfortable and make riding for you difficult.

  • The Weight Of The Bike:

Get a model that is easy to carry. This would be important especially if you live in a flat some few floors up and you will have to carry it home.

  • Low Maintenance Design:

Single speed are the best and the coaster brakes ideal. A full size chain cover is the best.

  • Rack Mounts:

This are ideal to help you carry your package.

  • Fenders:

Protect you from splashing water on yourself as you ride.

  • Price:

Shop around and compare the prices of what is available. As you plan to spend, think of the sole purpose of you investment. Why you are buying a bike and buy 1 according to its purpose.

  • Looks:

There are very attractive colors available in the market. But remember, you may be wooing thieves to you investment. A beautiful bike, anyone would want unfortunately, it will woo thieves.

  • Purpose:

Why are you buying the machine? How do you intend to use it? if it is for racing, get the right one. If it is for leisure, get one and so on.

  • Frame Material:

Go for material that will serve you for many years.

  • The Components:

Get the right material components. This will be cheapest fixie bike in the long run because you will not have to do repairs every now and then.

  • Heritage:

Know the origin of the product and keep in mind that cheap fixed gear bike is indeed expensive. So it is sometimes better to go for the high quality once despite the fact that they may be a bit pricey.

fixed bikes brands

Fixed Gear Vs Single Speed Bikes

A fixed gear bike is a one gear bike which is a 1 speed and no brakes. Single speed bikes have a gear and brakes. Single speed bikes can keep moving even without pedaling. Fixed gear bikes can move backward when pedaled that way.

Specifications Of Leading Fixed Gear Bikes Brands

Fixed gear bicycles are not heavy because the components are few. They come in sizes, and are comfortable. They have a detachable brake.

Specifications of a fixed gear:-

  • Sturdy And Strong Frames

Check the material that has been used to make the frame of the bike. The best is steel, then aluminum.

  • Deep V Rimmed Tires With Flip Flop Hubs

The design has a great comfort and is very durable.

  • Removable Brakes

These are detachable. It is wise to have them on when you are learning and detach them once you have learnt the art of riding brake free.

  • No Shifters, Derailleur Or Cassettes

These fixed gear bikes parts are not attached so they leave the bike rather light. This makes the bike a target for thieves.

The Budget Pick 

  • ​Pure Fix Original Single Speed Fixie Bike: The frame is aluminum so it is very light. The handlebar is made of steel. It is a favorite.
  • Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle With Sealed Bearing Hubs​: This is a tough bike & top commuter bike. It is perfect for your commuting needs. Also ideal for riding to the beach.
  • Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike​: Ideal for the urbanite. It is huge and very comfortable and stylish.

Best In My Opinion

The Pure Fix Original. It has class and is also very fashionable. The price is amazingly low compared to the quality of the bike. It is worth your every dime. You can enjoy a freewheel ride too. The design gives it stability and comfort. You can get to the flip flop easily to give you a freewheel ride.


Using the best fixed gear bike is one of the most exciting things. It will give a thrill like never before. Especially when going at the highest speed ever on a brake free ride.

That can be very daring. More and more people are getting to buy these fixed bike although it is very risky. To get to know how to ride them, you will have to practice using one all the time.

They are sold at very low prices and they are the best companion you can ever have. Assembling them is very easy because there are very few that you will need to put together. These bikes will give you a thrill of your life, an excitement like never before.

You will be excited and busy cheating the wind as you ride across the town or beach. As a safety precaution, learn how to ride these bikes before getting you one.

Before trying to ride free wheel, make sure you do a lot of practice because it is not easy. This will help you bond with the bike and help you understand the science behind it and how it is applied.

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