Want to regain your fitness? Want a peaceful tour around the beach? Concerned about the pollution? Solution? Get the best cruiser bike. Ride around the beach or city in style. Cycling will not only help you to save some money, it will also help you to regain your long-lost fitness and stamina. And if you are looking for a bicycle that’s sporty with a combination of comfort, cool beach cruiser bike is what you need.

3 Best Cruising Bikes With Gears – A Quick Comparison

★ Best Overall ★

Sixthreezero Men's Bicycle

best beach cruiser bikes with gears

  • High Speed
  • Exotic Frame Design
  • Durability & Strength

★ Top Choice ★

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser

best cruiser bikes with gears

  • Durability
  • 7-Speed Derailleur
  • Lightweight & Strong

★ Best Value ★

Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bicycle

best cruising bikes

  • Easy Assembling
  • Long Durability
  • Large Springs Seat

Compare Different Lightweight Beach Cruiser Bike Brands

Keeping in mind all the factors to choose a best beach cruiser bikes, we have narrowed down 10 bicycle for you detailing their pros and cons.

1. Sixthreezero Men’s Bikes For Riding On The Beach

Sixthreezero Men’s in The Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bike is the style statement. The exotic shape with great durability and strength makes it the perfect bicycle.


  • Bikes With Speed– Though this bicycle and speed doesn’t go hand in hand, Sixthreezero bikes has changed this concept. It’s a 3-speed machine which allows you to challenge your lungs.
  • Perfect Size– Its beasty size makes it perfect for man who are looking for a cycle with machoness in it.
  • 18″ Frame– It’s 18″ frame which is so strong that even Hulk can ride it when he’s tired of jumping around. Its exotic frame design gives you a stylish and comfort ride.
  • Pocket Friendly– With all these features, it doesn’t comes with a lengthy price tag. Its reasonable price makes it more favorite for riders.
  • Accessories– Hit the town with the stylish Internal Shimano hub which completes the style statement.


  • Easy and perfect beach rider.
  • High Speed
  • Comfortable grip and saddle made for your comfort.
  • Stylish
  • Strong and durable frame.


  • The only discomfort in it is its packaging. Its needs some adjustment to easily unpack the shifters.

Final Verdict
If you are looking for some adventure around the beach, this is best beach bike. From the above the sixthreezero bike reviews hope you understood that is the most comfortable, stylish, affordable bicycle in the market.

2. Schwinn Sanctua – Best Beach Cruiser Bikes With Gears

Schwinn Sanctuary 7-Speed (26-Inch Wheels), Cream/Copper, 18 -Inch is praised for its high comfort and manliness in it. This is one of the best beach cruiser brands. It is an extremely rough and tough bicycle with some serious speed.


  • Steel Frame– Super tough with long term durability
  • Full Fenders– Perfect for rainy days when you don’t want to stain your back and pants.
  • Quick Gear Shifters– It has Shimano rear 7-speed derailleur with SRAM gear twist-shift which allows it to make quick and smooth gear shifting.
  • Alloy Wheels– Light-weight wheels for a speedy ride with long term durability.

  • Steel Fork– It’s equipped with Schwinn steel fork which are great shock absorbers.
  • Wide Saddle– The wide saddle allows you a comfort journey all along the way.



  • Steel Frame which makes it heavier than the rest.

Final Verdict
schwinn 7 speed cruiser solid body with superb durable structure and components made for an easy and comfortable ride.

3. Kent Multi Speed Cruiser Bikes

Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Men’s Bike, 26-Inch is bicycle that got a touch of style as well as class. It’s modernized frame structure and super light aluminum body makes it the perfect bicycle for everyone.


  • Feather Light Body– Its aluminum structure allows you a swift ride all along.
  • High Speed– Due its light body and strong structure, you can ride along the hills with speed without bursting your lungs.
  • Superb Braking System– With speed comes accidents, so kent cruiser bike gave you a superb braking system with easy hold for all time.
  • Comfortable Saddle– Its comfortable and scientifically designed saddle allows you for a long ride without any discomfort.
  • Adjustable Saddle– You can adjust the saddle in the height you’re comfort in.


  • Its stylish and classy cruiser bike frame is built for everyone
  • Its aluminum body makes it amazingly lightweight beach cruiser with long tem durability.
  • Its cool blue looks add a stroke to its perfection.
  • Superb braking system
  • All of this in a jaw dropping affordable price.


  • The assembling might be a hiccup for the inexperienced people.

Final Verdict
Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed mens beach bike, 26-Inch is a bicycle which has got hint of everything from class to style. An aluminum cruiser bike is perfect for everyone.

4. Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Bicycle – 26 Inch Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Bicycle, 26 – inch is the one of the favorite cruiser bike among bike lovers. Its steel frame gives it a dense look contrasted with red rims which attract bikers the most. A perfect bicycle to wander along the beach in style.


  • A strong steel frame which gives it a long-term durability and a strong look.
  • 26′ Aluminum rims that balance the heavy weight of the cycle perfectly for an easy and long ride.
  • Superb and comfortable gripping made for long rides.
  • Spring based seats for comfortable riding.
  • The red color rims complete the stylish look of the bicycle.


  • So many features in an affordable price
  • Light weight
  • Stylish color contrast
  • Perfect for tall and heavy built persons.
  • Comes along with Fenders to protect you from mud stain in rainy days.


  • Complexed assembling.

Final Verdict
Firmstrong Bruiser mens beach bikes, 26 – inch is a complete stylish lightweight with superb color contrast which comes with long-term durability. A perfect cruiser bike.

5. Kent Oakwood Mens Beach Bikes

Another masterpiece from Kent, The Kent Oakwood Men’s best & cheap Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch is a light-weight with superb color contrast and its structure is ideal for the big people. It comes with a chain cover which keeps your chain protected all the time. Its aluminum body and 7 speed gears give you the chance to race with the wind.


  • Superb durability
  • Comes in an aluminum built body which makes it light-weight, fast and of course, rust free.
  • Easy adjustable seats, thanks to the seat-post clamp system
  • Amazing braking system which gives you the confidence to ride in high speed.


  • Affordable pricing for such great features.
  • Aluminum body for longevity.
  • Perfect built for the long and well-built persons.
  • Easy assembling.
  • Its shipment is fast as the bicycle speed.


  • The tires don’t look promising and needs to be changed soon after purchase.

Final Verdict
Kent Oakwood Men’s bicycle, 26-Inch is bicycle you would love to ride all day because of its lightweight body and stylish look.

6. Firmstrong Urban – Best Cruiser Bikes For Women

Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single Speed Beach Bicycle, 26 – inch is a bicycle every bike lovers’ dreams of. The stylish and elegant matte black color along with superb durability and lightweight body makes it irresistible for the bike lovers.


  • Compact built which makes it perfect for average height persons and well built.
  • The aluminum body makes it light-weight and durable.
  • Its commodious and spring based saddle provides huge comfort for its huge built riders.
  • Its single speed lets you wander along the beach in relax mode.
  • Its easy braking system makes it one of the most simple and comfortable cruiser bike.


  • Its light weight body allows you to have a long ride.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Comes in matte black which is everyone’s favorite.
  • Easy assembling.


  • Its single speed system doesn’t allow you a speedy ride.

Final Verdict
Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single Speed Bicycle, 26 – inch got a superb matte black color and design which won’t let you resist. All you want to do is hop on it and ride all day long.

7. Firmstrong Cool Cruiser Bikes

Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike gives you a smooth and comfortable riding experience which you never had before. Its blue color gives it a relaxing and fresh look. Ride this cycle all day long around the beach, town without any kind of struggle.


  • The most amazing feature of Firmstrong Urban Beach bicycle is it comes in two sizes and 26 inch precisely. Know which size suits you the best and ride all day long with comfort.
  • Its curved steel frame makes it durable and gives it a firm look.
  • Its 24-26-inch aluminum wheels balances it perfectly for a long and comfortable ride.
  • Its spring based roomy seats will give you comfort like never before.
  • Comes in single speed and 7 speed features. Choices vary from one to another. Not everyone likes speed and some likes it the other way.


  • Leather grips for firm gripping
  • Perfect for long term investment due to its durability
  • Waffle treads tires for strong ground grip and also makes it durable and robust performer.
  • Comes with a chain guard.


  • The speed limit in the single speed model.

Final Verdict
Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike is a comfortable and cool looking cruiser bike with superb comfort and all this in an affordable pricing.

8. Critical Cycles Men’s Beach 3-Speed Bike – 16 Inch Bike Reviews

Another masterpiece in the world of best cruiser bikes. The Critical Cycles Men’s Beach 3-Speed comes in an elegant matte black color. Its 3-speed feature and 16-inch size helps it to move like a bullet. The perfect bicycle every little man dreams of.


  • Its 3-speed feature by Sturmey Archer gives it a smooth and easy gear shifting technology.
  • This one is the best beach cruiser bike with gears It is placed internally for which it gets protected form all kind of harm’s way.
  • Its leather grips give you a superior gripping of the cycle.
  • It comes with coaster brakes.
  • Comfortable seats for a long ride without any kind of trouble.


  • Utmost comfort
  • Easy gear shifting
  • Easy assembling
  • Affordable price


  • Unsuitable for long or huge built person.

Final Verdict
This is a black matte color bike and give you a comfort and elucidate your travelling across different territories.

9. Kulana Men’s – Custom Beach Cruiser Bikes

Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Green is a bicycle from which you can’t take your eyes off. The mesmerizing green color, and the curved frame attract riders like sweet clover attracts bees. You can’t wait to hop on it and ride through the towns and beaches. Its mud resistant design gives you a clean ride even in rainy days.


  • Its steel frame gives a strong and firm look and provides a long durability.
  • Its spring based spacious seat gives you a comfort journey.
  • It’s well customized handlebar gives you a firm grip and control over the bicycle.
  • It’s long and customized fenders block out all the dirt and mud for you.


  • The beautiful and unique green color gives it a mesmerizing look.
  • Superb longevity
  • Easy assembling
  • Comfortable riding.


  • The bicycle is quite heavy due to its steel frame which makes it difficult for a long ride.

Final Verdict
If you are looking for a unique color bicycle which will make you stand out in the crowd in an affordable price and durability, then this is the best men cruiser bike for you.

10. Northwood’s Pomona – Mens Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The 26-inch beast is a combination of steel and aluminum which makes it super strong along with light weight and it is incredibly fast. It is a top choice among bicycles. Its firm steel colored look is something you can’t take your eyes of.


  • Superb speed due to its perfect balancing of aluminum and steel. If you are looking for some top speed bikes, then it’s definitely for you.
  • Its 36-spokes aluminum rim works as a great shock absorber and its light weight gives you a smooth ride
  • Its aluminum frame makes it amazingly light weight which is also responsible for its high speed.
  • Its gear shifts are made easy and fast with Rear Shimano Derailleur.
  • The soft and bubbly seat gives you a comfortable ride all along.

  • The steel handlebar is hard and durable and is equipped with Ergo-fit and Twist-shifters make it superb comfortable and easy shifting.
  • Believe it or not, it comes with a jaw dropping price tag of only $100.29


  • Cheap priced with high features.
  • Amazingly fast.
  • Aluminum frames make it light weighted which is perfect for long rides and to carry around.
  • Rust -free material for longevity.


  • Struggling assembling

Final Verdict
This is the best mens beach cruiser bicycle within its price range. If you are looking for something that looks good, extremely fast and durability, your search ends here.

What Makes A Cruiser Bikes Differ From Other Bikes?

Cruiser bikes are totally meant for comfort and are priced quite cheaper than the others like a folding bike or a mountain bicycle. They are solely used for roaming around the city, towns or beaches. Cruiser bikes are stylish as well. The built of a cruiser bike is also quite different from the others, like,

  • Sturdy and upright frame
  • Wide, balloon tires
  • Coaster brakes/ Rear and front hand-brakes
  • Easy to use shifters.

best beach cruiser brands
Due to the increased demand for cruiser bikes, many manufacturers have started building a variation of cruiser bikes with more modernity and unique designs. But you need to choose the one that fits you the best. It comes with a wide range of price tags and different shapes. Let us discuss the factors you need to consider while choosing the best beach cruiser bike.


Not everybody is a millionaire or daddy’s prince or princess. Some of us need to work hard and save enough for our bread. You need to know your wallet limit before choosing anything. It’s not necessary that the best must come with a heavy price tag. You can get good things for a cheap price too.


One thing you need to look for is longevity. Try to go for the aluminum frame bikes as they are more durable, lightweight and rust free which will give you a comfortable long term ride.


Cruisers bikes are meant for a serene ride. You will be pleased if you find contentment in riding the bikes. You don’t want to adjust yourself frequently while riding. It comes in shapes and sizes. You need to choose the right one in which you find comfort the most. You need to look for the seat size, length, and height of the handlebar and the distance of the seat from the handlebar.


A bike can never be good enough without good shockers. They are kind of shock absorbers placed in different parts of the bikes to provide you comfort even in rough terrains, such as,

  • Front suspension
  • Rear suspension
  • Suspension Seatpost
  • Suspension saddle
  • Suspension hub

Mud-Guards/ Fenders

You don’t want to stain your back with mud or dirt while riding a bike. Usually, the bikes don’t come with a Fender but guess you would like one to get installed.

Ease Of Assembling

Almost all the bicycles come 80% installed. The rest, you need to do it. If you don’t have any experience in assembling a cycle, seeking professional help would be a wise choice for a comfortable experience with your bicycle.

Well, now you know how to choose the best bicycle. Since there are plenty of manufactures roaming around and so many retailers, it’s quite a hectic to choose the right one. For the ease of you, we have narrowed down top 10 cruiser bikes keeping in mind all the factors we discussed.

Tips For Choosing The Best Comfortable Cruiser Bikes

Don’t be fully dependent on what you are reading. Before buying the best beach cruiser bike, there are few things you need to take care off. Here are some tips which will help you to choose the perfect bike for you.

Take A Test Ride With Custom Beach Cruiser Bikes

 Ride it for a distance to make sure you are comfortable enough to spend your hard-earned money on it. Check its height, seat, bicycle handlebar and feel if you are comfortable. Look if you are comfortable with the frame. Check whether the color suits you or not. Check whether it has good shock absorbers or not.

Don’t rush into it or don’t let the shopkeeper get into your head. After all, you are the one who’s going to pay the bill and ride it home. Check everything individually and carefully, then if you think it’s perfect for you, go for it.

best affordable cruiser bikes on the market

Cheap Is Expensive

If you are going for cheap bikes, be sure it meets your requirement and follow our guidelines. You can get good things for a cheap price but for that, you need to know precisely what you are buying.

You don’t live in the misconception of whatever is costly is of good quality. It’s a total myth. Some companies charge a huge amount for nothing. It can be a hollow beauty. Beware about that.

Extra Accessories Are Vital

Precaution is better than cure. Always buy safety gear along with your bicycle. Buy a helmet to safeguard your head. Small accidents can sometimes be fatal and life-threatening. Always proceed with safety.

Apart from the safety equipment, try equipping your bicycle with water bottles and a toolbox. If you like to take your baby or pets for an outing with you, you can also lookout for a bike trailer that suits your needs.

Check Whether The Bike’s Size Suits You  

As discussed earlier, size matters form one to another. Size plays an important factor in comfort. If you buy a bicycle too high or too low, you will feel great discomfort riding it for long. So, choose wisely.

New Or Used Bike?

That totally depends on your budget. Sometimes people sell off their bicycle in cheap prices even when they are in good condition.

But you need to be an expert to judge the condition of the bike. If the person from whom you’re buying the bike is trustworthy, someone you can rely on, then you can go for it otherwise buy a new one.


The Budget Pick

  • Northwoods Pomona Men’s, 26-inch
  • Sixthreezero Men’s in the Barrel 26-Inch
  • Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary 7-Speed (26-inch Wheels), Cream/ Copper, 18-Inch
  • Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Men’s 26-Inch

Best In My Opinion

According to me, Northwoods Pomona Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch is the best among them. If I had to buy a bicycle for me, I would go for the Northwood Pomona.

I find the combination of aluminum and steel as the perfect balance for speed and gravity for a long day ride. The 26 aluminum spokes are great shock absorbers, so, bumping won’t be a problem and moreover, it’s so cheap with so much goodness in it.


Now you know what a cruiser bike is, how it differs from the others, and how to choose the perfect one for yourself. Thanks to its affordability, everyone can own a good bicycle now. Let us think about the future and ride the streets just like old-time’.

It is good for the environment as well as for you. And the bicycle is perfect for everyday use. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable too. You can take it to your office, you can take it to the gym, you just can take anywhere you like with ease. Go for the Best Cruiser Bikes now and enjoy the beauty of riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does Cycling Help Us?

Ans: Cycling not only helps us to save some money, but it will also help us to regain our long-lost fitness and stamina.

Q2. What Makes A Cruiser Bikes Differ From Others?

Ans: Cruiser bikes are made for comfort and are priced cheaper than the others like a folding bike or a mountain bike. They are used for roaming around the beaches, cities, or towns. Cruiser bikes are stylish also. The built of a cruiser bike is also different from the others, like,

  • Wide, balloon tires
  • Easy to use shifters.

Q3. Does The Bike Size Matter?

Ans: Size matters from one to another. Size plays an important factor in comfort. If you buy a bicycle too high or too low, you feel uncomfortable riding it for long. So, choose it wisely.